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Dunes Breathtaking Panoramic

Dune Bashing at Sharqiya Sands (Team Pajero Event)


Oman, the land of majestic mountains, Sands and Water all around, has many things to offer for any adventurous soul. One of the these adventures is Dunes Bashing in Wahaiba Sands in Sharqiya region of Oman. There are many Desert camps in the area which fulfill your desire to conquer the massive land of Sands.

Since the day I bought Mitsubishi Pajero, Dune Bashing by driving Pajero myself, was always one of the hidden desire to be accomplished. This year in February 2015, Team Pajero event organized by Mitsubishi Oman gave me the opportunity to accomplish my desire to drive in the Sands of Oman by self and to enjoy the greatness of this machine which they call Pajero.



It was a memorable trip throughout and Team Pajero took care of all aspects of this trip starting from traveling, safety, entertainment, eating and sleeping.

I came to know about this event by Social Media. I sent them the email and received confirmation later on. This year Mitsubishi Oman had 7 Team Pajero Events. Our family joined the event on the 7th Team Pajero event.

Mentioned below was our experience starting from Friday 13th February 2015 0800 hrs till Saturday 14th February 2015  1300 hrs.

1 – Meetup at Mitsubishi Oman Al Azaiba Showroom:

0800 hrs:  We reached at Mitsubishi Oman Azaiba Showroom. We were greeted by light refreshment along with official Registration. Every Pajero owner was provided with a T Shirt, Car number, Room reservation slip for Desert Camp and information Booklet about the trip which contains Do’s and Don’ts of the trip and necessary information about the trip & Dune Bashing.

We were told about the crew and Marshals of the trip with their contact numbers and their cars. They explained to us about the route of the trip and midway meetup point.


Me and Zoru


Zoru at Showroom with Pajero











To my surprise, there were approximately 50 Pajero owners reported for the trip along with their families and then we realized for sure that we are up for some adventurous time for next 24 hours.


2 – Traveling towards Al Raha Desert Camp:

1100 hrs: We started our journey in convoy, where Crew and Marshals lead the convoy and make sure no one left behind during whole journey. We travelled towards Nizwa/Salalah underpass, from there travelled until Sur/Ibra Exit. Took Exit towards Ibra and travel towards Sharqiya region.


1140 hrs: Convoy reached our 1st and only pitstop at Shell Fuel pump for refueling at Al Qabil, Oman. Participants took time off and relaxed a little until whole convoy gets refueled. After 30 minutes starting their journey again towards Al Raha Desert Camp in Wahaiba Sands.


Pajero Convoy


1345 hrs: The convoy reached the entry point of Desert where the Crew and Marshals of Team Pajero advised us to put the our Pajero on 4HLc as we are about to drive in desert. It was a 40 minute drive inside Desert towards Al Raha Camp. I was excited as it was my first drive inside a Desert. Those 40 minutes drive was through uneven path in middle of desert.

At start it was little bit difficult to drive on uneven road inside desert as it was too bumpy. As soon as you start to increase little speed, Every part of Pajero start to make noise :). The best way to drive in this situation is to make your car little offroad and Walaaaa .. you will enjoy your smooth ride on desert. The Pajero will make way on the desert as smooth as silk and you will enjoy every second of it. You will start to love the power of this amazing machine.


Entering Al Raha Desert Camp


3 – Al Raha Desert Camp / Lunch / Dune Bashing Breifing:

1425 hrs: Convoy reached Al Raha Desert Camp location. All participants were greeted by Marshals at the entrance where we were guided towards camp administration to collect our room keys. Room had a double bed with attached washroom.


Paj infront of Camp Room


1530 hrs: After getting through with lunch, tea & little bit nap, we all gathered at Majlis area for a detailed briefing about Dune Bashing. Team Pajero Marshals and Crew told us how to drive on dunes and guided us about all the possibilities and aspects of this adventure.








Zoru enjoying the evening Tea Time


Team Pajero also arranged technical team to help out if any participant’s Pajero is stucked in sand and he/she couldn’t able to get it out or tyres get punctured.


While driving in Dunes, the tyre pressures must be reduced in between 12 to 15 psi value, therefore Team Pajero crew started to reduce the tyre pressures of all Pajeros one by one during our briefing. At end of briefing, we were told to get ready for our unforgettable adventure. YES! it’s Showtime …. The Dune Bashing experience was about to start ….



4 – The Amazing Dunes Bashing  Experience:

1630 hrs: All participants lined up at the starting point which was already indicated by Crew and Marshals outside Al Raha Desert Camp. Team Pajero staff was checking each vehicle one by one to confirm the tyre pressure and making sure that all vehicles are set to 4hLc and Traction control was  switched off.



Everyone lineup to start Dunes Bashing


1700 hrs: One cannot describe the pleasure of driving on Sand Dunes. The inner pleasure you enjoy when you realize that you are conquering the sea of Sands is enigmatic.



Pajero in action on Sand Dunes


Driving through those uneven paths of the Desert Dunes makes you realize the power of this machine. Its control and grip during the drive just makes you fall in Love with it and you just don’t want the adventure to end.



Pajero in action on Sand Dunes


Pajero in action on Sand Dunes











There are some spots during the Dunes bashing when you have to get your car go through deep slides and you wonder if you can do it or not as you have only experienced it during Desert Safari conducted by experienced driver before. But to your surprise, not only you successfully complete this task but also you enjoy so much that you want to do it again and again.

As a first timer, you get really amazed by the power and control of this machine you are driving on daily basis. You don’t really realize the potential of your car until you test it in the situation it is actually built for. It took me approximately 6 years to utilize its real potential 🙂

This dune bashing experience lasted 2 hours. Every second of it was an unforgettable experience.

1830 hrs: All the participants gather at the top of the Dune near Al Raha Camp to witness the astonishing sunset in the desert. The view was not only mesmerizing but also breathtaking.



Zoru & me Awaiting Sunset on top of Dune


Some selfies just before Sunset











Families came out of their cars and started taking picture of this amazing beauty of nature. Meanwhile kids started playing in Sand which was their ultimate dream 🙂


Zoru enjoying sunset on Dune top


Kids playing in Sand











1930 hrs: We descended back to camp from the top of the dune. Everyone reached their respective rooms and had a short nap before meeting again in Majlis for tea / coffee and later Dinner.


Zoru & Sands, Another Love Story


That looks of Zoru though …












2100 hrs: Team Pajero arranged some entertainment for every one at Majlis area. Children were provided with Color pencils and drawing to entertain their selves. Tom and Jerry cartoon characters were also arranged by the even management  to entertain kids by their dance moves on latest songs. Kids thoroughly enjoyed their presence. Light local Omani music was arranged during the night tea. So skillful games were arranged for adults to enjoy their time.


Zoru with Tom 🙂


Zoru busy in coloring …















2130 hrs: For all those who were found of shaking their bodies on the sound of music, there was a full fletched dance party arranged at the Majlis. Anyone who can shake himself anyway around could join the party and enjoy the night. The campfire in the middle was making the night startling.


Camp Fire


The clear sky in the desert shows you the beauty of nature in form of Millions of Stars visible. The astounding view of stars in open air night with blackish desert at the back is more than enough for you to freeze at the spot and adore the beauty and amazing creation of Nature. No matter how tiring was your day during the drive but this glorious view of nature will take away all your pain and you will feel like a small kid lost in wonderland 🙂

2330 hrs: After enjoying this beauty of nature, everyone went back to their rooms for good night sleep.

5 – Quad Bikes and Camel Rides:

0800 hrs: Next morning, everyone gathered for breakfast. Everyone was talking about only one thing and it was the adventure they experienced a day before.Whether it was small kid or aged man, every one had their own piece of enjoyment during the trip.


Someone coming down from Dune top.


Some people were discussing that few of the participants enjoyed the dune bashing so much that they again attempted the adventure early in the morning and Team Pajero staff assisted them.

0945 hrs: All car owners lined up to get their car’s tyres pressure back to normal. Team Pajero arranged the Air compressor for us so we don’t need to find a petrol pump to fill up the air pressure outside. Meanwhile the ladies took their kids to the children playing area situated at the corner of the camp.


Zoru enjoying Slides


Some physical practice











1015 hrs: People started to check out. After checking out they found themselves entertained through Quad bike and Camel rides outside the camp. Almost Every one enjoyed the Quad bikes adventure. Me and Zoru ride the bike for 30 minutes. Zoraiz enjoyed every bit of it. He even drove by himself by pressing the accelerator. He kept on forcing me to drive on top of the Dune 🙂


Really enjoyed driving Quad bikes

After getting pampered by Quad bikes, it was time to take the ride on top of KING OF the DESERT, The Camel. The camel ride in mid of desert is always enjoyable as this is the perfect habitat for the Camels to walk and even run.


King of the Desert – CAMEL Ride


King of the Desert – CAMEL Ride











1100 hrs: Participants started to leave towards their home in groups or alone remembering the adventure they experienced during last 24 hours.

We stopped at Bidya Museum located just nearby desert to witness the history of the area.

6 – An Amazing Adventure:

This is a MUST DO adventure to try for every one in Oman who owns Mitsubishi Pajero. Team Pajero had made sure to make this trip not only entertaining but also interesting throughout. This is the place this Pajero is made for. Get your Pajeros to taste the pleasure of their destiny.

For me and family, for sure we are waiting desperately for their next event which will probably happen in December.

Please feel free to share your comments if you have experienced this type of event before.


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