How to Solve the Black / Blank Screen, Non Responsive Screen issue on Apple iPhone / iPad?


There are times when Apple tries to test your patience and courage of Survival capabilities and play a little game (For Them atleast) with your emotions. It happens when suddenly out of nothing, once or twice in your lifetime, your Apple IPHONE screen goes “TOTAL BLACK“.

Yes I mean BLACK . You desperately tries to do things listed below to check what happened but still your IPHONE remains NON RESPONSIVE and portrays itself as DEAD piece of Costly Aluminium Steel in your hand, smiling cunningly on your face.

You have already tried following:

  • pressed Power button
  • pressed Home button
  • pressed Power button continuously
  • pressed Home button continuously
  • pressed Audio keys both + and –
  • pressed Mute button up and down calmlessly to check whether your phone goes to mute at background
  • cursed each and everyone in your enemies list
  • start counting how much will it cost to make it work again …


If you have done all above then please DO NOT PANIC … i repeat DO NOT PANIC. Nothing happened to your iPhone. Some times even phones need to take breath and thats what iPhone does during Black Screen phenomenon.

Remedy is very simple :

Press and Hold both “POWER & HOME” buttons for 15 – 2o seconds (some times less), the Apple startup icon will appear and your iPhone will boot up normally. 

Your problem is solved 🙂


BTW It happened to me few days back and all those symptoms i mentioned above were completed by me. Longest 15 minutes of life …… 🙂  and yes, Don’t forget to like the tip ….

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